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12 reasons to play with DIOTOYS wooden toy

1. Eco-friendly, natural wooden toys

Made from 100% environment-friendly, recyclable materials. Sustainable production, with minimized carbon footprint. We don't have big factories and warehouses and other facilities which cover land. No wastewater, the only waste is sawdust, sandpaper and saw blade.The wood raw material comes from nerby forestry, so the emission is also minimized during transportation.

2. Sense of pure nature

Compared to plastic, wood has a nicer touch, having in your hands it makes you feel more comfort and cosiness. Our wooden toys don't have sharp edges, all are shaped with curved and soft edges to fit into the little ones' hands as well.

3. Timeless

Fashions and trends come and go. Wooden toy remains. Just as the wooden spoon in your kitchen. As a result, Diotoys wooden toys keep its value from generation to generation.

4. Unique wooen toys

There are no two perfectly similar wood toys, every single piece is unique. Just think about the vein of the wood! The handprint, the touch, a tiny deformation on the surface of the wood which makes it different and singular. That makes it's own trademark and lets you recognize your own from the others.

5. No spare parts problem

Even if the kid breaks some part, joint or bolt during standard usage, the wooden toy can be fixed easily. You don't need special tools for the repairing such as soldering-iron or crimper.

6. Traditional wooden toys

Beside huge factories, old and essential craftsmanship is disappearing. Buying a wooden toy supports subsistence of our important traditions and craft.

7. Quality

Every piece of wood is hand-picked and checked. Thanks to our small but precize manufacturing model we test all finished wooden toy. Just the best quality can leave our doorstep.

8. Less danger

Our wooden toys doesn't contain electrical or electronical components. Therefore you don't have to worry about electromagnetic radiation, malfunction or charging.

9. Design

Diotoys dedicates special attention to the design of the wooden toys. Visual appearance, charm, nice touch are all key factors. We are proud of our 100% own product ideas, signature design and construction plans.

10. Equality and fraternity

Those children who have Diotoys are much more generous and kindhearted among their age group. When they recognize another child playing with baby wooden toys or toddlers wooden toys they don't experience socio-economic gaps.

11. Learning by doing

Your child can get acquainted with complex movements. Our kinetic and interactive wooden educational toys can develop the kids' creativity and manual skills. They learn how to move and control things. Even it can expand their imagination if they set up a story around the toys. This leads to a more active mind.

12. Love.

Last but not least: with our whole heart and soul!
We believe, that love what we express with our products will reach every small or bigger Diotoys owner, and we hope you will take our toys in hand with the same pleasure as we fabricate those with love day after day!


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